How Can You Have Harder Erections?

How Can You Have Harder Erections?

The penis is undoubtedly a highly temperamental part of any man’s body. There are instances when it can get too excited and act poorly. From showing up on unwanted, inappropriate times to failing to do its duty when it is essential – these problems are not only problematic but also frustrating. More than 15% of the current male population face difficulty in maintaining an erection. The percentage continues to increase with age where men fail to have an erection as well as maintain it for adequate time to have intercourse.

Harder Erection

There can be unfortunate situations in every man’s life; however, they are mostly occasional. If you are facing issues related to your erections on a regular basis then it is high time you find an appropriate solution for it. Today, we want to discuss a few ways you can maintain as well as have harder erections.

Are There Any Exercises For Harder Erections?

Most exercises designed for having better sex will improve your stamina. However, they might not enable you to have harder erections. Early ejaculation, inability to have an orgasm, and early ejaculation problem are problems that sex exercises can’t solve. It will only enhance the sexual act. Kegels are highly recommended form of treatment which deals with issues like premature ejaculation. These are definitely useful to strengthen those muscles that support the penis. Kegels increase the flow of blood to and fro from your penis this causes an improved awareness of every sensation. It results in early ejaculation which is something you should definitely avoid. If you try to overcompensate the situation (premature ejaculation) then it will result in weak erection or erectile dysfunction which compounds your anxiety and stress.

Exercise for harder erections

  • The best exercise for harder erections is by strengthening your PC muscles or core sex muscles. This way your penis strength and size, both will improve. It also makes it easier to have erections with age.
  • You should also spend time doing push-ups and lowering your body to the ground, then all the way up. Make sure you perform 10reps twice every day. It will increase your stamina and sexual fitness.

Diet For Harder Erections:

If you are planning to improve your sex life, then there is definitely plenty of good news. You can do it naturally by eating some specific types of food.


It is referred as blood flow-booster and is the best source for folate. Folic acid plays a magnificent role in sexual function in men.


High in vitamin B6 and mineral zinc – crucial for improving testosterone. You can even replace oysters with seeds and nuts.

A cup of joy

According to research, men should drink three cups of coffee on a regular basis. This prevents erectile dysfunction. It also improved the flow of blood which relaxed muscles and penile arteries. This leads to harder erections.


Did you know it is known as the testicle tree? It is the best source for vitamins, potassium, and healthy fats. Sperm quality, testosterone levels, and harder erections are guaranteed on the consumption of avocados.

This are the food items which should be present in your diet for harder erections.

What Not To Do For Harder Erections?

If you are wondering whether there is a possibility to strengthen your erections and penis, then the answer is absolutely. All you have to learn is what not to do for harder erections.

  • Try to remove stress from your life.
  • In order to boost erectile strength, you must stop watching porn.
  • Don’t try to move quickly towards ejaculation. This will reduce your penis strength and result in weaker erections.

You need to put in some effort to have harder erections. Hopefully, this will give you an idea regarding what needs to be done.

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