Soya Bean Health Benefits and Risks

Soya Bean – Health Benefits and Risks

Soya bean (or soybean) is a kind of legume that is mainly grown in Asia, South and North America. They are used to create soya chunks, which is produced from soya bean oil extracted from soya bean. Soya bean is one of the most important agricultural products for export in the United States, and is very nutritious, thanks to its high-quality protein and high oil content. There are so many soya bean health benefits and risks which you can read below.

Apart from its high economic importance to the United States, soya bean has a lot of benefits, benefits the whole world can enjoy. In this article, we will explore some of those soya bean benefits, and we will also consider soya beans for men and how frequently men should eat soya bean, amongst other things.

Health benefits of Soya bean

Some health benefits of this wonderful, nutritious food include:

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It helps reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer has proven itself to be a ruthless killer in our modern society, and everyone is trying to find a way to handle it once and for all. However, before a cure is found, we can use soya bean to prevent cancer or at least reduce the chances of getting it. If preventing cancer is important to you (as it should be), then you should consider adding soya beans to your daily nutrition.

It improves your bone health

Another important one of all soya bean benefits is its capability to improve your bone health, thanks to the presence of isoflavones within it.

Soya bean for men

In addition to the above benefits, men can also get some nice benefits from taking soya bean. This is because soya bean is packed with lots of beneficial nutrients that help fuel workout and other things important to men.

Men should take it, though not too often, as soya beans have their own side effects (as we will see later below). However, taking it once in a while is helpful.

It helps in fueling workout

Men can have a healthy workout life with soya bean thanks to the high level of protein contained within soya beans. Many people try to compare the protein content of soybean with that of soya chunks, but that makes no sense because soya chunks are extracts, and as such cannot contain as much nutrient as the original soy food.

It reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Taking soya bean regularly minimizes the risk of prostate cancer in men by at least 30%, as studies have shown.

Side effects of taking soya beans

It can increase the risk of bladder cancer

If you have a high risk of getting bladder cancer from family history, then do your best to avoid soya beans and other soy foods like soya milk.

It is not good for those with kidney problems

Soya bean should be avoided to prevent kidney failure if you have kidney problems already.

May Not be Good for Male

Regular consumption of Soy may not be good for male as it contains phytoestrogens, a female hormone. For men, it is good to consume Soy with a gap of some days.


We have gone through some soya bean benefits, looked at soya bean for men, and answered the question “How frequently should men eat soya bean?” We even managed to look a little at what soya chunks are.

Take all this information in and do more research and ask your doctor questions if you have some health conditions and are unsure of whether to take soya beans or not. Stay healthy.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay