Is Refined Oil Good For Health?

Is Refined Oil Good For Health?

Refined oil is the natural and organic oil which endures the refining process for the production of edible oil. It is free of any odour and flavour, and light in colour. This refining process could be the process of steam distillation, bleaching, hydrogenation etc. 

Refined oils are used in most of the households for cooking purposes. It is obtained from various plants’ seeds such as soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil etc. However, the question arises is that whether it is good for health or not? Well, let’s find out.

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What does the refining process do?

What happens when you refine oil? It means the oil has to undergo some chemical treatment with acid, or purified using alkali or have been bleached.  It may also undergo the process of neutralization, filtering or deodorizing. Whatever, the process may be, it all requires chemicals like hexane. Hexane is potentially not healthy for human consumption.

Further, refined oil undergoes several processes such as low pressure, high temperature etc. However, all these processes can cause physical damage to the oil.

Moreover, hydrogenation oil can lead to the development of trans fatty acid. Well, it can increase the risk of heart disease.

In the US and Denmark, the trans-fat level is set at less than 2%. According to a survey, the refined oils those are available in the Indian market have trans-fat within level except a popular brand gold oil which contains 2.4% trans-fat and a brand’s rice bran oil with 3.3% of trans fat content. Well, other oils like dharma refined mustard oil (0.6%), sun drop sunflower oil (0.3%), Figaro olive oil (0.9%), fortune soya oil (1.5%), Ruchi gold palm oil (1%). These oils can be safe for cooking. According to Dr Anoop Mishra of Fortis Hospital, the refined oils which are good for health are soya oil, rice bran oil, olive oil and canola oil as these oils have a combination of fatty acid and a little bit of trans fat.

Nutrient content display is must for the product with trans-fat declaring the level as a sign of health warning. According to research, the dangers of trans fat are real. However, Dr P Prabhakaran from the centre of Chronic Diseases Control (CDC) claims that there is nothing like a healthy limit for trans fats. Well, it is preciously hydrogenated oils used to extend food’s shelf life. It has been proved that even a very small amount is harmful. Furthermore, it can increase levels of bad LDL cholesterol, insulin levels, triglycerides and decrease beneficial HDL cholesterol. Trans fat might trigger immune dysfunction, cancer, obesity and reproductive problems.

People should avoid Hydrogenated oils

These hydrogenated oils are the most dangerous products which are available in the market. Well, it has been banned in two European countries, but not in India. This oil is formed by forcing hydrogen gas into oil. Besides, it depends on the process; the more solid the oil is, the more hydrogenated it is. When the oil is hydrogenated, healthy fat is converted into a new type of fat, which is known as a trans-fat. Therefore, trans fats are bad for health.

What could be the solution?

Cold-pressed oil

Nutritionists suggest going for unrefined, organic, and cold-processed oils for cooking. As in cold pressing, the seeds retain their properties. The temperatures are usually less than 40-degree C. The process is much organized and healthier. Besides, in this particular process, seeds are not tortured at high temperatures or not mixed with any chemicals.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for cooking. People should check the manufacturing dates before purchasing and read the labels. Coconut oil have high smoke points, this makes it completely safe for cooking.

Desi Ghee

Use desi ghee for cooking, it is completely safe with high smoke point and have lots of good fats in it. Ghee helps to keep your bones and heart healthy when used in moderation. Ghee extracted from Cow’s milk is extremely healthy. Try to make ghee in your home and avoid packed Ghees available in market as they may contain preservatives to increase the shelf life plus you are never sure of the purity.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As extra virgin olive oil contains saturated fat, about 12% only. All the antioxidants of the fruit are reserved because the oil is extracted by machine only. Hence, olive oil is good only if it is consumed within 3-12 months of bottling.

As extra virgin oil contains saturated fat, about 12% only. All the antioxidants of the fruit are reserved because the oil is extracted by machine only. Hence, olive oil is good only if it is consumed within 3-12 months of bottling.

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