Obesity- The Root Cause Of Many Other Problems

Obesity- The Root Cause Of Many Other Problems


Weight gain and weight loss have always been a debated topic, and with a maximum number of people battling with weight loss issue, it surely becomes a heated topic. Anybody who is too fat for his or her body type given the age and height can be called an obese. If you are struggling with your weight for a long time, then you must follow up with Obesity treatment obesity is the root cause of many other problems.

What is Obesity?

The excess of body fat is known as obesity, and to know about the excess fat one goes by the term Body Mass Index. So, when an individual’s body weight is more than his or her Body Mass Index, then the individual is said to be obese. Obesity can be a long-term disease and is often referred to as a chronic disease. When the BMI is greater than 30 then it can be referred to as obesity. It is not always true that just because people consume too much food, they become obese, sometimes obesity causes are genetic, and then it equally depends upon the metabolism rate of an individual. Like a person who does no or very little physical activity, given the fact that he consumes too much of calories can have obesity.

Causes of Obesity

Cause of obesity

Obesity causes vary from person to person, as mentioned above, sometimes it is genetic, and the majority of the times it occurs because of hormonal changes in the body. However, the main causes of obesity are as follows-

  • If you perform no physical activity even for once in a day, your body is bound to become lazy, and then whatever calorie you consume in a day, it is not burnt. People with a lifestyle as such eat very frequently but don’t even try to an essential activity that requires physical labor.
  • Another basic cause of obesity is unhealthy eating habits if you are overeating of fast food or oily food or too much food, then you can gain obesity. Any diet that is full of high-calorie food and lacks in fruits or vegetables can contribute to obesity.
  • Age too contributes as a significant factor in obesity because sometimes obesity can occur because of the hormonal changes that our body undergoes. Also, our body size increases or decreases as we age, which is the reason why people are advised to be physically active as they age.
  • Pregnancy is a time when a woman gains too much weight, and it can anytime be converted to obesity if losing weight after the baby is born becomes somewhat difficult.
  • Smoking and Alcohol also cause obesity. Drinking too much alcohol or excessive smoking regularly can make a person obese.

What are the Symptoms of Obesity?

Given below are a few obesity symptoms; people who have recognized the symptoms on an early age have tackled or treated obesity on time.

    Sleeping problems like when you are sleeping too much or too little. Even trouble in sleeping is regarded as one of the symptoms.

    Gallstones in the gallbladder can make you obese.

    High level of cholesterol in the body.

    High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar levels are other obesity symptoms.

How to treat obesity?

The best obesity treatment method is always weight reduction while you maintain a proper healthy diet. Exercising regularly without a miss, while you continue to eat medicines prescribed by the doctor and eat 500-1000 calories in a day is how you can tackle the problem of obesity.

The last obesity treatment method can be your go-to option if nothing works in your favor, and that is Surgery.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay