Mayonnaise: Is It Right For Health? Facts That You Never Knew About Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise: Is It Right For Health? Facts That You Never Knew About Mayonnaise

People love mayonnaise. North-Americans has made it the best-selling condiment in North America. It is used in a lot of American food. They have it with their tuna, salad and every other thing they seem to find. However, as a high-fat food, it has acquired a bad reputation. It is a very essential “bad food” which contains clogging saturated fat. But is mayonnaise that bad for health?


Here are a few facts that might make you rethink about the matter:

Nutrition Lowdown: One cup of mayonnaise contains almost 1440 calories, 24 grams of saturated fat and nearly 160 grams fat. However, it is an excellent source of Vitamin E and K, but then again, it contains almost half of your recommended amount of sodium.

Compromising Fat and flavor: Foods like mayo have a flavor and fantastic feeling of joy to our taste buds. Adding a cup of mayonnaise in any of the dishes will increase the calorie faster than you think. However, we cannot leave mayo just because it is a “little” bad for our health, right! So, we can try moderation. Instead of drowning the tuna in a lot of mayo, you can use one tablespoon per person. One tablespoon contains 12 grams fat, 103 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat. This way, you can keep these things much more reasonable.

Bacteria: The bacteria concern comes with the homemade mayonnaise. Because it is usually made of raw egg yolk, commercial mayo is mainly made with pasteurized eggs, and they make it safely. It also contains vinegar or lemon juice. The citric acid from lemon juice and the acetic acids from the vinegar helps to keep the bacteria away. However, a study over homemade mayonnaise showed that despite having some acidic compounds in it contained salmonella bacteria in it.

And the oil factor? Well, the good news is we can use most of the edible oils to make mayonnaise. These oils are one of the most significant elements of healthfulness in mayonnaise. Most of it, however, is made with soy oil that experts do not support it as the oil contains a high level of omega-6 fats.

Heart health: Studies have found that the Vitamin E content of mayonnaise we were talking about will help you to prevent stroke. The omega 3 is mayo helps to keep your heart healthy, and it can cancel out the risk of a sudden heart attack. The stroke prevention comes from its antioxidant properties of it. Mayonnaise can be a part of our healthy diet if you take it in small amounts.

Helps to absorb the nutrients better: It is a fat-soluble compound that contains a lot of Vitamins like A, D, E and K also. This means that the fats needed to be absorbed, and thus, it ensures you get all the goodness out of it.

Lower cholesterol: Mayonnaise, while helping with the absorption of all sorts of important minerals, vitamins and other healthy fats in mayonnaise can lower your cholesterol level. It contains unsaturated fat mostly. Just like mushrooms, mayonnaise also contains 70 to 80 per cent of unsaturated fat. Now, this is the healthy fat you can trust with your eyes closed.

Vitamins and minerals: Choline, Vitamin K and E and different minerals like potassium sodium and selenium. Such minerals and vitamins are very important for our heart health and help us to maintain a healthy body. Selenium fights with the ageing process, and it helps the immune system by reducing free radical damage and potassium helps you to stay strong, and it also helps your metabolism.

So, these were some of the problems and beneficial effects of mayonnaise in our health. For those who thought it was good for health and for those who thought mayonnaise was bad, you people might need to rethink about it. Meanwhile, keep giving the joy to your taste buds too.


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