Is maida good for health?

Is maida good for health?

We have always heard that Maida (White flour) and products made from it are very harmful to our health. However, the use of Maida & the usage of its products is increasing rapidly in our day-to-day life. It is a popular ingredient in most kitchens. We all have eaten foods like samosa, pooris, naans, biscuits, bread, and cakes made from maida some time or the other. Sometimes, we are consuming at our home and outside at fast food joints. Maida is becoming a part of our diet, and it impacts our health drastically. It is vital to understand why white flour is bad for our health and should be eaten in moderation.

What is maida?

Maida, also known as refined flour, is usually made from the insides of the wheat grain. It is ground fine and bleached so that maida gets its characteristic white color. It does not contain any fiber. The chemicals mixed and the bleach used in maida make it incredibly soft.

The endosperm of the wheat is removed from germ and bran during the processing of Maida from wheat which is very crucial for digestion. In this process, all the necessary nutrients get lost from maida, and the foods utilize nutrients from the body for absorption. As a result, our body gets exhausted and weak quickly.

Tasty but not healthy

Though foods made from maida like Burger, Donuts, Pizza, Bread, Noodles, Momos, Samosas, Panipuri, Pasta, etc. are very tempting and tasty, however, it affects our body in many ways. They make us feel overfed and undernourished because they provide naked calories.

Avoid eating Maida

Maida affects our health in many ways. Here are reasons why you should avoid eating maida:

Regulates sugar in your body

When you consume foods made from Maida, it releases glucose into your blood quickly. Maida has a high Glycemic index (GI), which spikes up your sugar levels. To match up with the sugar hike, Pancreas has to overwork to release insulin in sufficient quantity. The more refined, the higher insulin is needed to manage it. If the consumption of maida is once in a while, then Pancreas can handle it. In the case of frequent eating, insulin production will reduce gradually, finally making you Diabetic.

Bad cholesterol

Eating maida also increases bad cholesterol (LDL), resulting in many health problems like high blood pressure, mood swings, etc. Too much consumption of white flour products leads to weight gain because it contains double the amount of calories when compared to unprocessed foods, and you will soon progress toward obesity.

Digestive issue

White flour is also called the “glue of the gut”. In today’s world, we consume foods made from white flour, like snacks, pasta, bread, cereal, and the list continues. And it turns to glue in the intestines. Without fiber, it congests the system, slows down digestion creating a sluggish metabolism. It can often be the cause of constipation, stress, headaches, and migraines.


Acidity is another problem. During the refining process, maida loses all nutrients, and it becomes acidic. A high acidic diet forces the body to pull calcium from bones to keep things even, which affects bone density. Over-acidity is one of the significant causes of arthritis, chronic inflammation, and other chronic illnesses.

Alternatives of maida

For better health, you should altogether avoid consuming maida and anything made from it. Instead, you use some healthy alternatives like wheat flour, millets, etc. Look for multi-grain bread and noodles or pasta made up of wheat flour. These products are readily available in general stores. Flours like rice flour, gram flour urad flour are also healthy to consume.


Is maida good for health? Well, the answer is no, it isn’t. It is essential to understand the harmful effects of maida on your health. It contains too many toxic chemicals that can damage your body and cause several diseases. As a result, you should limit the consumption of maida and switch to healthier options.


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