Natural Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Natural Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Skin is the most delicate part of our body. The importance and significance of healthy and glowing skin are known to all. It doesn’t matter whether you are a model or a homemaker. Excellent, flawless skin is the right to all. However, the current rate of pollution and chemicals that are exposed to our skin daily takes a huge toll down. The stress-filled lifestyles, hectic schedules, lack of nutrition in our diet is also the major factors in breaking down the skin. All these are now an integral part of your lifestyle that cannot be prevented, but the key to your glowing skin can easily be achieved by following a few home remedies. These remedies are pure and natural and can provide instant results on glowing skin overnight.


Here are Some Glowing Skin Tips



It has cucurmin, which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It increases the rate of collagen production in the skin and makes your skin supple and glowing. One can make a paste with turmeric powder, flour and milk. Gently apply to the skin. Use this remedy twice in a week for glowing skin overnight.

Coconut, Olive and Cod Liver oil

Oils adds glow to the skin. Coconut oil locks the moisture and nourishes the skin with its phenolic compounds. Olive oil is a skin moisturiser and adds a shine to it. The compound present in olive oil prevents dirt radicals and repairs the skin damage. The Cod Liver Oil has Omega-3, fatty acids, Vitamins A and D, DHA and EPA. These components repair and nourish the skin, improves the broken cells.

 Aloe Vera or Rosewater

Aloe Vera suits all the skin types and is excellent in treating the damaged skin. It rejuvenates the skin and hydrates it making it look fresh all the time. It is rich in anti-microbial properties that reduce acne and pimples and adds a natural glow to the skin. Rosewater evens the skin tone by reducing discoloration and pigmentation on the skin. Add a few lemons drops and apply gently to the skin. It is one of the best glowing skin tips that will give the result faster.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has antibacterial properties that dry out the pimples and acne on the skin and makes it lighter. It also prevents breakouts in the skin. It is a great exfoliating agent and refreshes the skin. Take baking soda and add water to make a thick paste and apply to the acne-prone area. Rinse gently and see a light glow to the skin.

Saffron and Milk


Saffron has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that soothe skin and treats acne. It also soothes and lightens the skin and is a quick ingredient in many beauty products. Make a paste of saffron and milk. Do not make it watery or thick. Apply on the face and rinse it with water.

Apart from these remedies, there is also food for glowing skin. Food has a vital role in repairing your skin breakage and providing nutrition within.

Fruits– Fruits are rich in antioxidants and Vitamins that support the immune system, reduces blemishes to the skin and provides radiance. Pomegranates, guava, berries, oranges, papayas are some of the must-have fruits.

Vegetables– Avocadoes and fishes top the list. Fish are great for shiny and glowing skin. It is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids whereas Avocadoes are a rich source in Vitamin E while green vegetables are rich in fibre, nutrients and vitamins.

These were some of the remedies and foods for glowing skin.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay