How to keep your skin healthy even in your 50s?

How to keep your skin healthy even in your 50s?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body that plays a pivotal role in being the first layer of protection against the exterior world. Apart from being a protective layer of our bodies, the skin also functions as an immune organ. The immune cells of our skin send messages to fight allergies-causing organisms. 

Apart from all the indispensable roles that our skin plays, it is also the one that gets into contact with the outside world, which can cause numerous skin allergies or even skin cancer. Studies suggest that more than 2 people die from skin cancer in the US every hour. Exposure of skin to the exterior world cannot be avoided, but we can certainly take steps that can diminish the impacts of our environment on our skin. 

This article covers some simple ways to keep your skin healthy even in your 50s. You must note that keeping our skin healthy is a process and not an overnight miracle. To keep it fresh even during your old age, you must begin taking care of your skin today. 

1. Fight the Detrimental Effects of Sun with an SPF30+ Sunscreen 

It might sound cliche, but the importance of wearing an effective sunscreen has always been highlighted by dermatologists. The UV rays are always there, and they are the most frequent cause of skin cancer. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays are present. Exposure to UV rays can cause wrinkles, spots, allergies, and even skin cancer. According to the Skin Care Foundation, most of the aging among people takes place with the amount of time they spend on the skin. It is imperative to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or above to protect your delicate skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen creates a protective layer on your skin that gets absorbed by the skin after a few hours. Consequently, apart from applying sunscreen, it is also important to reapply it multiple times throughout the day. 

2. Hydrate your Skin well, Drink a Lot of Water 

Although many people ignore the benefits of drinking water, water is the solution for most of your skin problems and other health problems. Water, having a pH value of 7, helps keep the pH value of your skin balanced, keeping it fresh and healthy even when you age. Several studies have proven that aging can make our skin get drier because we start to lose our sense of thirst. It is crucial to drink more water to ensure that our body stays hydrated from the inside to give our skin its moisture back. 

3. Combat Annoying Skin Dryness, Moisturize It Daily 

As aforementioned, skin can get drier when you age. It loses its moisture and also becomes more sensitive to skin problems. You must moisturize your skin daily to avoid that. As the environment evolves rapidly, we must protect our skin from climatic changes. The skin of our face, ears, neck, and chest is comparatively more sensitive than the skin of other body parts as they shed their skin cells more rapidly. As a result, you should moisturize these parts with a moisturizer that is rich in vitamins. Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 moisturizers can help with the firmness of the skin, while moisturizers rich in Vitamin C and E protect the new skin. 

4. Get Rid of Old Flaky Skin by Exfoliation 

Our skin sheds its dead cells every 30 days or so. A new layer of skin forms when old skin cells are shed. Exfoliation helps get rid of these dead skin cells, making the skin look fresh and brighter. When you do not exfoliate, your skin tends to become dull, flaky, and patchy. Consequently, all dermatologists recommend including exfoliation as a part of the skincare routine. Exfoliating your skin once a week can help keep your skin moisturized and fight dryness. If you do not want to use chemical-induced exfoliators, you can also create your own homemade scrub by using brown sugar and coconut oil. However, while exfoliating, do not forget that your skin is a sensitive organ. Be gentle as applying too much pressure on the skin can harm and leave scars. 

In addition to the above-mentioned ways of keeping your skin healthy, it is also fundamental to eat a lot of fruits and veggies to supplement your skin with beneficial nutrients from within. 

What are some ways that you adopt to keep your skin fresh and bright even in your old age? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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