Teeth Whitening-Few Essential Tips

Teeth Whitening-Few Essential Tips

Teeth whitening can change, how you look. Look matters but most importantly, how to maintain it that matters the most. Teeth are an essential part of our body and play an extremely significant role in our daily life. So, people should take proper care of their teeth. People can use good quality toothpaste to keep away from the germ, and for whitening, teeth whitening kit can also be helpful. One can search and find plenty of teeth whitening products in the market which can be used to brighten up the teeth.


However, many of the products contain chemicals which might have side effects, but there are many other options which are natural and safe. Therefore, here are a few tips that are helpful for teeth whitening.

Oil pulling

Opting for oil pulling can be very beneficial for teeth as it removes bacteria and maintains teeth hygiene. It has been said that oil pulling can kill bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health. It is a traditional medicine system prevalent in India. Coconut oil can work as it has a pleasant taste, and it can have health benefits. There are a few oils which can be suitable for mouths such as sesame oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil. Regular brushing and oil pulling two times a day can be helpful for teeth whitening.

Benefits of baking soda

In Research of 2017, it has been proven that baking soda is safe and can remove stains. In baking soda, there are immense natural whitening properties, so it’s a popular ingredient in commercial toothpaste and in other teeth whitening products as well. This can’t whiten teeth overnight, but yes long-term use will help in teeth whitening. It is said that baking soda contained in toothpaste can be more effective to remove stains and plaque from teeth than the standard toothpaste without baking soda. It’s effortless to use. Just one has to take one teaspoon of baking soda and two spoons of water and mix it with toothpaste. Hence it will show the results.

Apply apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. It kills bacteria, and antibacterial property of vinegar is what makes it useful for cleaning the teeth and whitening your teeth. It should not be used daily; people should use it in the limit as it contains acetic acids, which has the potential to erode the enamel on your teeth. It’s used like any other mouthwash, keep it for some time and wash it with normal water.

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables

Consuming fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for teeth and the human body as well. While chewing properly this crunchy raw vegetables and fruits can help to rub the plaque away from the teeth. It has been claimed that pineapple and strawberries can be healthy and useful to whiten your teeth. Strawberry and baking soda mixture act as a natural remedy. It should be used in the limit as strawberries, and baking soda can affect tooth enamel. Hence, excessive use could cause damage. Pineapple is also one of the fruits which are effective for teeth whitening.

Brushing and flossing


One must always brush and floss twice a day. Brushing and flossing the teeth on a daily basis will help to whiten teeth by decreasing bacteria in your mouth and preventing plaque buildup. So, teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening toothpaste are essential to keep your teeth safe from preventing plaque. A few methods that are essential are given below.

  • Kaolin clay- brushing from clay can be useful and remove stains.
  • Charcoal- charcoal can be a simple way to whiten teeth and promote oral health at home naturally.

Homemade remedies for Teeth Whitening

If people start using the homemade remedy, then it will be beneficial and is budget friendly as compared to teeth whitening toothpaste.  One can make it at home easily with a few ingredients. In day to day life, simple steps can be helpful for teeth whitening. Just it takes a couple of minutes to prepare. One mashed strawberry, 3 drops of lemon essential oils, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and make a thick paste and brush it well, within three weeks you will get the results.

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