Blood Group Compatibility and Marriage-How Important?

Blood Group Compatibility and Marriage-How important?

Have you ever thought, how important blood group compatibility for marriage is? When it comes to marriage, choosing a life partner is not easy and quick. It takes a lot of time to get to know the other person and decide whether you want to marry him or her. There are a lot of things that one thinks about before choosing a life partner. However, many focus on the medical history of one another before marriage. Many people have said that instead of looking for anything else, you should get yourselves medically checked to see what kind of disease or medical conditions you carry or have had run in the family. One more discussed medical thing is the blood groups. Many couples have often discussed the combination of the same blood group or two different sets of blood group for their unborn children also which blood groups should not marry.

Following are some of the reasons regarding blood group compatibility for couples and blood group and marriage problems:

We know that there are many types of blood groups, but we can easily divide them as ABO and Rh system. The blood group systems are based on antigens as well, which are a molecule that later forms the immune.

The ABO system is the presence or absence of antigens A or B in the red blood cells. If the blood group has O, then it means it has no antigens in them. However, the lack of antigen makes them an easy option to donate blood as we can group them with any other blood group.

The Rh system has antigens over 50, which includes D, C, c, E, e. It is important to know that a person of Rh-negative blood is exposed to Rh-positive blood the body will destroy the cells. On the other hand, Rh-negative blood is transfused into the Rh-positive blood group; no reaction would take place.

Why is it important for blood group compatibility for couples?

A difference in the blood group would have no effect on the couple, but it might cause trouble when the couple is trying to conceive, in pregnancy to both the mother and the child and even bear some symptoms of the disease for the child.


The difference in the ABO system might not be a major problem as it could be dealt with certain precautions and medications. However, any dissimilarity in the Rh system or the incompatibility in the Rh system can severely affect the mother and child.

Rh incompatibility occurs when the mother is Rh-negative, and the baby is such cares, the mother’s body reads the baby as a foreign invader, and her anti-bodies would start killing the red blood cells of the baby. In many cases, if this is not early detected, then it can result in a very serious miscarriage. In some disheartening cases, the mother cannot bear another baby again. In many other cases, the baby gets jaundice or be anaemic. In a dozen cases the baby was born as stillbirth. This never ends instead it goes consistent or even stronger with each pregnancy.

There are some other blood group and marriage problems such as lack of conceiving or miscarriage. This creates more of a tension between the couples as their urge for having a baby multiples by 2 times. This could also have an effect on their relationship as they start blaming each other for being incompatible.


So, before marriage, get yourself pre-decided with a list of blood groups that match well with your blood group and proceed further with which blood groups should you marry. In case, if you face such issue, then there are many treatments and procedures that take care of such a situation and try to get the mother and the baby both out and about safely.


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