Refined Oil or The Natural Oil, Which is Healthier

Refined Oil or The Natural Oil, Which is Healthier

Oil is an inseparable part of food preparation. Since we consume food prepared in oil daily, it is essential to know what oil to eat and which to avoid. Let us first understand the difference between refined and natural oil. Oil is considered to be refined or natural based on the extraction process. The extraction can be from seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers, stems, barks, woods, or roots, depending on the plant type or parts used. There is no use of any foreign element in this process, which is 100% natural. When oil is extracted using solvents it is refined oil.

What is the need to refine the oil?

Oil is refined to make it aroma free, tasteless, and easy to preserve. The commercial benefit is the yield percentage which is up to 97% and hence more profitable to the business. However natural oils are more expensive and lose up to 20 percent of their substance during extraction.

What changes during refining?

Refined oil is the pressed form of natural oil, which is heated at a very high temperature and many chemicals are mixed to make it tasteless, odorless, and colorless. During this process, the important nutrients of the natural oil are lost and various harmful chemical gets added. These chemicals otherwise remain neutral but release free carcinogenic radicals when heated.

Finally, the comparison-which is healthier?

Nutrients per 100gmRefined OilMustard Oil
Calories884 Kcal884 Kcal
Saturated Fats14.4g11.58g
Monounsaturated Fats23.3g59.18g
Polyunsaturated Fats57.9g21.23g

There are 0 carbs, fiber, protein, sodium, or potassium in both refined or natural oil. If you look at the comparison of the nutrient facts they both look similar. The health benefits and harms depend on how you consume them. Refined oil becomes harmful when you heat them, while natural oil because of its pure form is safe even after heating. Consuming both oils without heating is fine. However, it is always safer to have the purest form.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay