Red Wine:Benefits, Types and Price in India

Red Wine: Benefits, Types and Price in India

Before we deep dive into the benefits and other aspects of Red wine, let us begin with the fact that alcohol in any form requires moderation while consuming and red wine is no exception.  If consumed moderately, red wine can be beneficial in many ways especially for your cardiovascular health.

Red wine benefits

For centuries and time immemorial, wine has been used as medicine for treating many ailments. Evidences are available from Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician of 5th century B.C to Romans to Chinese all using wines for treating various diseases. The contemporary world is full of researches advising for the benefits of wine.  A recent report in the American Journal of Medicine states that a glass or two of red wine before lighting up a cigarette can counteract some of the short-term negative effects of smoking on blood vessels.

Historically treated as medicine

Cardiovascular health

Benefits of wine are majorly associated with the cardiovascular health. Hypertension is considered to be a major reason for cardiovascular diseases and there are firm evidences showing positive effect on light and moderate drinking of alcohol intake and blood pressure. The greatest blood pressure benefit is seen among men who takes 2 drinks 25g of alcohol) per day and women 1 drink (12.5% of alcohol) per day.

red wine is good for heart

It is alcoholic as well as polyphenolic components contributes to the good health. The alcoholic component of the red wines increase HDL cholesterol and decreases fibrinogen concentration. The polyphenols such as flavonoids with putative antioxidant properties are extremely beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cure Cancer

The antioxidant resveratrol in red wine can kill pancreatic cancer cells and may also protect normal tissues of cancer patients from the harmful effect of radiation. Besides resveratrol, other compound called myricetin in this also gives it a cancer protecting properties.

It Increases Average Life

A study conducted on worms by French scientists concluded that resveratrol in red wine can increase the life span of human by up to 60%. These are capable of protecting neurons from any undesirable effects of aging. The antioxidant in body can be a continuous supply of energy keeping you charged all day along.

Wine and Other Body Parts

There are various studies conducted on red wine and its benefits on various body parts. The antioxidant property, resveratrol has multitudes of positive impact on almost all body parts: Some of these are:


it reduces the risk of non-fatty liver disease.


It can help prevent blindness, prevents excess growth of blood vessels and also prevent cataract and age related macular degeneration.

Bone Health:

It helps in improving spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome. The anti inflammatory properties also prevent bone loss as well as stimulates bone forming cells.

Cerebral health Booster:

The wine can make your gray matter work harder, improving brain health. The antioxidants in wine helps Alzheimer patients by repairing leaky blood brain stoppers, allowing the blood to enter brain from the body.  

Improves functioning of Lungs:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is more like affects smokers and this disease is irreversible. Red wine can reduce the inflammatory process that occurs in COPD. Study by some greek scientists suggest that 2 glasses of wine mitigates the damages of arteries due to cigarette smoking.

Prevents Tooth Decay:

This wine may help preventing cavities. The red wine can destroy streptococcus bacteria found in dental cavities. These bacteria release acids destroying teeth.

Help Fight Parkinson Disease: Resveratrol and Quercetin in red wine provides neuropreotection to patients with Parkinson disease

Great for Skin and hair:

It creates that glowing effect on your skin and helps in thickening of the hair.

red wine good for hair and skin

Cures Acne:

The antioxidant of the red wine slows down the growth of bacteria that cause acne.


Rubbing redwine on the skin can help get rid of Sunburn.  Sunburn is one of the major reasons of the skin cancer. The flavonoids in red wine protects from the harmful effect of UV rays.

Did you know that red wines come in a large variety? Here are some of the popular Red wine types:

Red wine types

Cabernet Sauvignon:

This is considered to be the best and most popular red wine for its health benefits. This is extremely dry and had aroma of black cherry. This red wine is high in its flavonoid content.


This is made from red skin grapes and is the second most popular red wine after Cabernet. Merlot pairs well with light meats like chicken and lightly spiced dark meats.


Malbec is prepared using purple grapes and is made in Argentina.  It is the favorite wine of beef eaters. This wine has twice the antioxidant content of that of popular Cabernet and four times that of a Merlot.

Pinot Noir:

Pinnot noir is lighter than other red wines. Pinot noir wine has fruity flavors and smooth tannins. Romans and Monks were the fist Pinot noir lovers.

Syrah (Shiraz):

This wine got it name from the place where it is grown. It is grown in City of Shiraz in Persia. It is made up of dark skinned grape variety. This wine is extremely popular in Australia.


This wine has higher alcohol level, ranging from 14-17%. This wine is mostly grown in California region.  Zinfandel wines are best grown in the warm climate but doesn’t need too much of hot.


This wine is a red Italian wine extracted from red Italian wine grape variety.

Red Wine Price in India*

Red wine price in india
Name Approx Price (INR, in Delhi,2019) Grapes Type
Sula Rasa 1495 Shiraz
Myra Misfit 1500 Cabernet
Frattelli Sette 1600 Cabernet
Grover Zampa La Reserve 2150 Cabernet & Shiraz (80:20)
York Arros 800-1500 Shiraz & Cabernet (55:45)
Krsma Sangiovese 1000 Sangiovese
Charosa Tempranillo Reserve 1500 Tempranillo
SOL DE Chile Syrah Merlot   1200 Syrah & Merlot
The Wolftrap Red 2000 Syrah & Mourvedre
Reveilo 1245 Syrah

*The price is subject to change and this is just an estimation, actual price may vary.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay