Whole Wheat Bread Vs Brown Bread

Whole Wheat Bread Vs Brown Bread

We don’t have to say it before you recognize that eating healthy is the new cool lifestyle of this modern world. We live in a time where we are exposed to more danger than ever before as a species, and everybody is trying to eat and live healthy, hoping to at least add a few years to their time on earth. So, in this article, we are going put two types of bread on the spotlight: 100% whole wheat bread vs brown bread.

Brown bread vs 100% whole wheat

This healthy eating has affected almost all kinds of food we eat, and bread is not exempted from this. Everyone is looking to make sure they get the best nutrients out of their bread, and if you are reading this right now, you’re probably a part of this set.

We will discover that the difference between breads is in how breads are made and what is contained within them (that is, their nutrition). You’ll also learn not to pick just any bread from the store simply because it has “wheat bread” or any other kind of description on the wrapper.

With all these said, let us fond out the meaning of these bread types under study.

What is Whole wheat bread and What is brown bread?

The “100% whole wheat bread vs brown bread” argument might come off as confusing to many people who already have the idea that they are the same. But there is a difference – large differences, in fact – between whole wheat bread and brown bread.

Whole wheat bread

It is just as the name implies: bread which is made out of 100 percent whole wheat flour and it contains every single part of the wheat grain (parts like the bran, the germ, and the endosperm). 100% whole wheat breads are probably the healthiest option available if you want to consume bread. But do read the ingredients carefully before buying so that you are sure it has nothing other than wheat used for making of 100% whole wheat bread.

100% whole wheat bread ingredients

Brown bread, on the other hand, is not made out of whole wheat flour but white flour with other ingredients like caramel for the purpose of adding color to the bread.

From this description of the two kinds of bread alone, it is clear to see that whole wheat bread is the better option when you are eating for nutritional benefits, but brown bread is better if you just want to have a good meal.

Most people often gets confused and think Brown breads are healthier option but this is a myth. If you will look at the ingredients of the bread, you will come to know that there is not much difference between a white bread and a brown bread. These are most unhealthy types of bread.

So how do you know the difference between whole wheat bread and brown bread?

So if you are in a store and you want to get some bread for yourself, how do you differentiate between whole wheat bread and brown bread?

Simply by checking the nutritional information. Whole wheat bread should come with the word “100% whole wheat” and not something close to it like “wheat bread” or “enriched” with wheat.

As stated before, whole wheat bread is more nutritious than brown bread because of the presence of the bran (which contains good vitamins and fiber), the germ (rich in vitamin E, protein and fat) and the endosperm (rich in protein and carbohydrate).

In conclusion…

Hopefully, we have a thrown a little light on this 100% whole wheat bread vs brown bread topic, and we have shown you how they differ from each other. Also, selecting the right one won’t be a problem anymore now that you know the difference has nothing to do with the color but with how breads are made.

What’s next? Walk to the nearest store and buy the one you want. Either way, you get good nutrition and taste, something we all crave for.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay