What is LDL cholesterol? How to maintain LDL Cholesterol levels in the body?

What is LDL cholesterol?  How to maintain LDL Cholesterol levels in the body?

It is often argued that one must alter one’s lifestyle and adopt a food culture that does not raise the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This brings us to the question that what exactly is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol?

Good vs bad cholesterol

HDL is known as high-density lipoprotein and is an essential fat which scavenges the blood stream, thereby removing the saturated and unwanted lipids (fats) from the body.

LDL or low-intensity lipoprotein is primarily secreted in the liver and is also called bad cholesterol because its excessive presence in the body thickens the walls of the arteries, thus leading to many cardiac problems.

However, in order to ensure balanced levels of LDL in the body, in fact lower to be precise, once can practice caution by adopting simple measures which are stated as under:

Omega-3 fatty acid

This nutrient is largely found in walnut, flax seeds, salmon, herring etc. and play an important role in rendering health benefits to the heart.

omega 3 acids

Whey Supplements

Largely found in dairy supplements, whey is known to have reduce the levels of LDL in the body, thereby keeping it balance in the body.

Soluble fiber

Increased intake of soluble fiber in the form of kidney beans, oatmeal, apples and sprouts cam suppress bad cholesterol to a great extent.

Avoid trans-fats

Packages foods such as cookies, biscuits, chips and cakes are precursors of high cholesterol in the body and should be completely avoided.


Nothing beats a rigorous exercise routine consisting of a 30 min walk followed by playing your favorite sport at least 5 days a week. Raising body’s physical activity can immensely help boost HDL, which in turn cuts down bad cholesterol in the body.

LDL control exerise

Weight Loss

Those who are obese or over weight, run a high risk of accumulating high amounts of cholesterol LDL in the body. Thus bringing the weight down can relieve one from many complications that LDL brings in the body.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay