What are the Benefits of Drinking Beer?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Beer?

Benefits of drinking beer

We have heard a million times the dangers of drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks but also there are benefits of drinking beer. Still, many of us do not mind. After all, what is the point of life if we don’t get to have fun once in a while and eat and drink what we love with those we love?

But the real truth is, beer (or drinking beer) is not at all bad. There are some benefits attached with drinking this alcoholic drink, and we have done our research to help bring them out so that we can feel more relaxed when having the time of lives with the ones we love.

In this article, we will explore some of these beer benefits, as well as the types of beer you should take, and the best beer in India.

Benefits of drinking beer

Here are some beer benefits that could convince you to be a little more relaxed when you’re taking a sip of that foamy drink next time:

beer benefits

Beer helps you lose weight

Xanthohumol, which is a compound found in beer, is good for reducing cholesterol and weight in your body, according to some studies conducted by an Oregon University. This is good news for those looking to add some fun to their weight loss process.

Beer helps reduce the risk of cancer

The antioxidant called xanthohumol is useful once more. This antioxidant helps reduce the risk of cancer in your body. Beer also contains polyphenols, which help in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Beer can help boost your mental health

Beer, just like black coffee, is helpful when fighting degenerative diseases just like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s so that you stay smart even when you get old.

Beer can help improve your eyesight

There are enzymes and antioxidants contained in beer that is good for your eyes. You can reduce the risk of developing cataract by taking a beer a day according to some studies.

Types of Beer

Types of beer

Now, let us talk about some types of beer you can get the next time you’re out and need to get something chill for yourself:

  • Ale: There are various types of ale like the India Pale Ale (IPA) and Pale Ale. Their flavors are much lighter than stout and quite good for the intermediate to experienced drinker.
  • Lager: Lagers are good for you if you are a beginner in beer drinking. It is light and a little malty.
  • Stout: Stouts are very dark, foamy, and bitter. They are usually very strong and highly roasted.

Best types of beer in India

Some of the beers you should look out for in India include:

  • Heineken
  • Budweiser
  • Kingfisher
  • Tuborg
  • Carlsberg
  • Miller
  • Bira (Wheat Beer)a

There are many other good beer types you can look out for in India, but these are the very best of them.

In conclusion…

In this article, we have examined some of the numerous beer benefits, types of beer, and the best beer in India. Now the ball is in your court. If you are a fan of taking a bottle or two once in a while, now you have some good reasons to do so. Have fun!

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Author: Ahaana Sahay