Poha-5 Essential Health Benefits

Poha-5 Essential Health Benefits

Poha is one of the popular dishes in India and is made of beaten rice or flanked rice. It’s one of the most desirable Indian snacks for breakfast. It is considered as a wholesome meal due to its health benefits. Poha is loaded with iron, rich in fiber, and gluten-free. Besides, it won’t be wrong to call Poha as a superfood, as it is delicious and also has a number of health benefits at the same time. People can add some twists of sugar to it, some peanuts, and also lots of veggies in it to make the taste yummy. Moreover, people like to add chutney and also topped it with crunchy Sev (Indian snacks).


Poha has many benefits and the best 5 benefits are as follows:

•    Beneficial for diabetic patients

Consuming Poha will directly have a positive impact on those who have diabetes. It is loaded with fiber, which plays a crucial role in diabetes as it promotes slow sugar release in the bloodstream. Besides, it helps to reduce weight, which is beneficial. In Poha, you can add a lot of vegetables like carrots, sprouts, beans which are suitable for diabetic patients. It helps to keep the levels of carbohydrates under control and can enhance the energy levels of the body.

•    More carbohydrates and less fat

Poha is a source of healthy carbohydrates in one’s body. It contains 76.9% of carbohydrates and 23% fat, which makes it one of the best choices for weight loss. Poha contains healthy carbs and provides energy to the body to carry your daily routine without giving any extra fat. So, for better results, one can have it daily.

•    Poha can be easily digestible

Poha, like Sabudana, has a simple recipe and good to go the whole day long, with lots of benefits loaded in it. What else can be so light on the stomach like Poha? It is easily digested, hence, good food for breakfast, lunch, or evening snacks. It is light on the stomach, and the best part is it will not let you feel hungry the whole day. These can also be an excellent food for kids and toddlers.

•    Helps to lose weight

Poha is very low in calories, low in a fat, rich source of carbohydrates, and encumbered with many essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals due to added vegetables in it. A bowl of cooked vegetable Poha has just around 250 calories. One must try to skip the peanuts as they increase the number of calories. One can make it even more healthy by cooking it in olive oil and let it weave its magic for you. Moreover, it is a storehouse of minerals and 11 essential vitamins. This is a good source of energy, and due to its low calories, it helps people to stay fit and reduce weight.

•    Rich in iron

Poha is rich in iron, and it helps to avoid the symptoms of anemia. It is very effective for pregnant women as these women are at high risk of gestational anemia. The production process of making Poha requires the rice to pass through iron rollers, therefore flattened rice retains irons from the processors. However, to help the body to absorb the iron better, just squeeze lemon juice on it and have it. For betterment try to have on regular days.

According to nutritionists, Poha is one of the best and healthiest breakfast that one can have. It is readily available in any supermarket or grocery store. Moreover, it is affordable and can be cooked very easily.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay