Brown Rice, Nutrition, Types, and Price

Brown Rice, Nutrition, Types, and Price

Brown rice is a type of rice that has its bran layer and cereal germ present, with the inedible outer hull removed, as opposed to the regular white rice which has all these parts removed. If this type of rice is different from the regular white rice everybody is used to, how then do you make a choice between this special rice and other “normal” and “common” rice options?

Brown rice nutrition, types and price

In this article, we will dive a little into brown rice nutrition (things contained within like brown rice calories, etc.) and brown rice price.

Brown Rice Nutrition

There are a few nutrients contained within brown rice that makes it healthy, beneficial to human health. Some of them are:

brown rice nutrition

B Vitamins (like B complex, B1 – B12)

B vitamins are important for energy levels, the health of cells, and good eyesight directly.  There are other numerous benefits in B vitamins, and all these vitamins are present in brown rice nutrition.

Folic acid (or Folate)

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that form new cells for the body and also for the prevention of certain congenital disabilities.


Magnesium is an important nutrient in bone formation, relieving anxiety, and treating diabetes. Other illnesses like migraine can be easily handled by magnesium.


Copper is another essential nutrient that is contained in brown rice. It helps improve cardiovascular health, boosts immunity, and protects bone density — another important reason you should seriously consider taking brown rice.


This nutrient helps in the regulation of immune function, treating diarrhea, improve memory, and also for the treatment of common cold. Zinc is also contained in brown rice.


There are about 111 grams of calories contained in a cup of brown rice, far less than that of white rice.

Types of brown rice

Brown rice types

While brown rice is a type of rice, there are other subdivisions within the brown rice family. In this section, we share some of the brown rice types so that you can check them out the next time you are at the mall.

Here are a few types of brown rice you can get from your local store:

Brown Basmati Rice

This type of rice is grown in Southern Asia, and it doesn’t grow fatter when cooked. Instead, it grows thinner.

Short grain brown rice

This type of rice is soft and creamy, and it contains a kind of starchiness that is like that of risotto.

Long grain brown rice

It is similar to short grain rice, without elasticity of any kind.

Medium grain brown rice

Brown rice price

Having done a deep study into brown rice nutrition, in which we established that brown rice calories are quite low compared to white rice, we are now about to find out an important part of brown rice study: the price of brown rice.

*the below mentioned price are price/Kg and are subject to change

Brown rice price

Since brown rice is much healthier and packed with more nutrients than white rice, it is expected to be more expensive, and it is. A 32-ounce bag of white rice costs about $2.50, while a 16-ounce of brown rice costs about $2.75.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay