Brown Rice-Nutrition, Calories and Benefits

Brown Rice-Nutrition, Calories and Benefits

What is brown rice?

Brown Rice is simply whole grain rice (meaning it contains all three parts of the grain kernel), which has the outer hull removed.

In this article, we would be studying its benefits so that you can take a better-informed decision about what you want to eat.

Brown rice nutrition

Nutrition contained within

It contains calories, fiber, protein, and lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Here are some of the nutrients contained within a single cup of brown rice:

  • Calories 216
  • Carbs – 44 grams
  • Protein – 5 grams
  • Fat – 1.8 grams
  • Fiber – 3.5 grams

Other nutrients like iron, niacin, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and selenium are contained in this wonderful, healthy food.

Next, we will check to see some benefits and how it helps tackle diabetes and improves your weight loss program. 

It’s Benefits

It helps in weight loss

Since brown rice is whole grain rice, it can help lose weight, as it contains the fiber and other nutrients required to lose weight, nutrients that are not contained in refined grains like white rice and white bread.

Brown rice for weight loss

A single cup of this rice contains at least two grams more fiber than a single cup of white rice, helping to keep you fuller over a long period and reducing your calorie intake. When you consume fewer calories, you are more likely to drop weight faster.

This will also work for you if you are interested in reducing your belly fat too. Try it out.

Good for diabetes

brown rice good for diabetes

If you have diabetes, you are more concerned with reducing your carb intake, and this is one of the benefits that will benefit you. Brown rice has more fiber than white rice, and fewer carbs, so it might be the best option to replace your white rice consumption with brown rice if you are really interested in reducing your blood glucose level.

This rics has a lower glycemic index (GI), which makes it more favorable than white rice in control of blood sugar. Also, replacing white rice with brown rice can help reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

It has zero gluten

Brown rice gluten free

Nowadays, everybody is opting for less gluten in their diet for many reasons. Brown rice helps those looking for a way out of gluten eating. Brown rice nutrition naturally exempts all forms of gluten from its composition and is a natural way to stay away from gluten.

In conclusion…

Remember that diets high in protein and fiber can help reduce your cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods, so you might want to turn your intake of those kinds of food up (the ones high in fiber and protein, that is).

Brown rice nutrition is one of those few magical diets that contain all you need, so it would be a big disappointment to find out that someone read the whole of this article and didn’t feel the need to change his choice of rice immediately from normal to magical.  

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Author: Ahaana Sahay