5 Easy and Tasty High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

5 Easy and Tasty High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

In the fast-paced environment that we currently live in, quite often, we skip the most important meal of the day which is a high-protein breakfast. Additionally, one of the most common practices that people adopt to lose those kilos off their waists is skipping their breakfasts and waiting for the results. However, research shows the indispensability of breakfast not only in living a healthy lifestyle but also in losing weight. 

As per a study by NCBI, a high-protein diet can help fight obesity by managing weight. Furthermore, a diet rich in proteins can provide aid in cardiometabolic risk factors. Taking into consideration the ample benefits of a high-protein diet, we have compiled a list of 5 tasty and easy to prepare breakfast ideas

#1 Pumpkin Protein Pancakes 

This simple recipe from Self is all you need for a healthy and scrumptious breakfast that can be prepared in minutes and also be stored for later use. Pumpkin, with its sweet-sour taste, is rich in nutrients and low in calories. It can be combined with numerous ingredients to form a unique taste every time. Furthermore, it has vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Adding pumpkin to your diet can be healthy as it helps boost immunity and improve metabolism and heart health. The fruit also helps fight skin problems. 

To make pumpkin protein pancakes, you can follow the recipe at Self. 

#2 Blueberry and Kale Smoothie 

For those hassle-filled busy mornings when you cannot make anything complicated, this recipe will not only be facile but also amazingly rich in proteins and nutrients. The best part about high protein breakfast is that it keeps you full for an elongated period. The bluish-purple berries have high antioxidant properties that help protect you from aging and cancer. They are also considered helpful for people with high blood pressure problems. As per a study, they help in cardiac problems due to the high polyphenol content. On top of it, kale with numerous nutritious values is beneficial for health. 

Find the recipe for making blueberry and kale smoothie, here.

#3 Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins  

Who does not want to start their day with delicious muffins that are healthy and rich in protein too? Greek yogurt, being twice richer in proteins than regular yogurt, is considered a delectable yet healthy ingredient for recipes. For people aiming to build strong muscles, greek yogurt can be helpful as it boosts immunity and enhances bone strength. As compared to regular yogurt, it is also low on sugars which furthermore helps manage the body weight. A plus point is that you can add it to several recipes or can even eat it alone. On top of it, the richness of blueberries adds to the advantages of the recipe. 

To make your own luscious greek yogurt blueberry muffins, you can find the recipe here. 

#4 Indian Masala Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Boiled eggs are the best source of proteins. The best advantage of eating hard-boiled eggs is that they quench your hunger without even eating a huge amount. There are numerous boiled egg recipes that you can have for your breakfast, but our favorite is the Indian masala hard-boiled eggs. 

To prepare this ready-in-minutes breakfast, you need to boil 2-3 eggs for 10 minutes. When boiled, peel and cut them into equal halves. To add the spicy Indian pinch to the recipe, cut ½ onion and ½  tomato. Sprinkle salt, black pepper, and some chaat masala on the chopped veggies. Sprinkle them over your boiled eggs and enjoy! 

(Source: The Take it Easy Chef)

#5 High Protein Carrot Cake Chia Pudding 

When healthy is tasty, we all want to try it. This carrot cake chia pudding will be the ultimate delight to your stomach when you have a packed day ahead. Carrots, being rich in vitamins A, K, and C with calcium and iron, can help boost your immunity. It is also naturally sweet, thus the recipes made using carrots are low on sugar levels as well. Chia seeds, on top of that, are high in fibers and can help combat severe health conditions. 

Try high protein carrot cake chia pudding by following this recipe. 

Which of the aforementioned recipes is your favorite? If you have any more high-protein breakfast ideas, do let us know in the comment section below.

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