Treat Back Pain with Exercise at Home

Treat Back Pain With Exercises At Home

Undoubtedly, you feel like hitting up the bed when the back pain is triggered. No offense but honestly, moving is good for your back. Exercising can help you strengthen your back muscles and provide you relief from that unwanted pain. Exercises that are exclusively meant for back helps strengthen stomach, back and leg muscles. This way, your strengthened muscles are hard and strong enough to fight any pain and overcome it. So, you definitely need to work out and make your back stronger if you too are suffering from back pain, be it upper or lower back. You can Treat Back Pain with Excersises at Home, you don’t have to go out for curing it.

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Back Pain Relief Exercises

If you step into the world of workouts and exercises, you’ll be blown out by the number. You definitely can’t choose on your own on which exercise should you do, and which one should you avoid. Wrong choices can lead to worst and severe conditions. Before picking up any exercise for back pain, you should have a word with a health care professional. You’ll be recommended the right exercise depending on the cause and intensity of your pain. However, here we have some exercises that work wonders for back pain. You can definitely try these Back Pain Exercises at Home and make yourself better.

Go For These Back Pain Exercises At Home

Partial Crunches

When you have lower back pain, partial crunches work the best in strengthening your stomach and back muscles. All you need to do is, lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Put your hands behind your neck or simply cross arms over your chest. Now try to raise only your shoulders from the floor. Make sure you don’t use your arms to pull your shoulders off the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Doing so for 8-10 times will help you with the pain.

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Thoracic Rotation

This is one of the most effective exercises for upper Back Pain. Just lie on your left side with arms straight in front of you, palms touching, and knees bent. Lift your right hand off the left like a door or a book until the right hand reaches the other side of the body. Hold this position for few seconds before you relax. Repeat this on both sides for at least 10 times each.

Thoracic rotation exercise for back pain

 Doorway Stretch

Doorway stretch is also among the best exercises for upper back pain. You just need to stand in between the doorway and bring your forearm up against its sides. Keep arms on the one side and gently lean forward through the doorway, making your chest to stretch. Hold onto this position for 30 minutes and then pull yourself back. Repeat 7-8 times.

Doorway stretch exercise for back pain

 Hamstring Stretches

Here’s another great exercise for lower back pain. Lie with one knee bent and the foot flat on floor. Now take a towel and loop it under the ball of another foot. With this, straighten your knee, hold for some time and pull back the towel slowly. Repeat this for at least 3 to 4 times for each leg. It’s a must-try lower Back Pain Exercises at Home.

Hamstring stretch lower back pain exercise

 Wall Sits

These are also a great option when it comes to lower back pain. Stand at least 12 inches from the wall with your back towards it. Slowly, lean back and continue until your back is flat against the wall. Slide down slowly so that your knees are bent a little. Count on 10 while you hold onto it before you slide back up. Do it 10 times every day.

Wall sit exercise for back pain

These are the exercises for upper back pain and lower back pain to help you with your back pain. You’ll eventually feel the pain fading away.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay