Skin Pigmentation-Types And Treatments

Skin Pigmentation -Types And Treatments

Skin pigmentation is a skin disorder that results in the effect of the skin colour; it either becomes too dark or too light. The reason for skin pigmentation is that the skin gets its colour from a pigment known as melanin which is made by further skin cells. When the skin cells in melanin are not fairly produced, you get some discoloured patches on the skin. If the melanin production in the body is higher, your skin gets darker. When the melanin production is slower, you get lighter skin. There are other reasons too for getting darker skin, such as major sun exposure or Addison disease. Infections, burns or Albinism are other reasons for skin getting lighter than the normal tone or shade.


There could be resemblance in birthmarks and skin pigmentation, but they both are very different from one another. Birthmarks can be pigmented or non-pigmented such as macular stains, port wine stains etc whereas skin pigmentation includes melasma, vitiligo etc.

There are two types of Skin Pigmentation


It occurs due to the increase in melanin production in the body. The increase in the melanin production can be caused during pregnancies or in the decreased function of the adrenal gland. It can also be caused by major sun exposure or by some drugs such as antibiotics.

One such example of hyperpigmentation can be Melasma. It occurs in pregnant women and is known as the mask of pregnancy. However, it also occurs in men. Such hyperpigmentation can be treated by creams such as Hydroquonine.


It occurs when the melanin production is slower in the body. The skin gets lighter in such case.

Examples of such case are Vitiligo, Albinism.

a)    Vitiligo- This hypopigmentation causes white patches on the skin. In some cases, it appears more on the body than the face. It is a disorder where the pigment-producing cells are damaged. There is no specific cure or treatment of Vitiligo; however, it can be easily covered by skin pigmentation creams and cosmetics. New treatments via using ultra rays are also said to be effective.



It is a rare disorder that is inherited by the lack of the enzyme which is responsible for producing melanin. Albinos consist of a gene that resists the production of melanin. This skin disorder does not really have a cure, but few recommendations are made to protect the skin from further damage. Usage of sunscreen while going out is important to avoid sun damage and skin cancer.

However, if your skin has had any infection or trauma then the pigmentation caused by that is not permanent. It can go off completely with time, but the recovery speed is very slow. You can cover it with various creams such as Biotique, Jovees creams etc.

Treatment for Skin Pigmentation: Medical and Natural Remedies

There are various Skin Pigmentation treatments that are effective in curing the pigmented skin, and even if they don’t cure, they are effective in clearing the pigmented skin.

There are some home remedies that have been proven super effective in curing pigmentation such as Aloe vera, Licorice, Green tea. These are abundant in antioxidants that provide with the skin hydration and relaxation.


Other medical treatments that are said to cure pigmentation are

Chemical Peels

Skin peeling is a great option for pigmentation as it exfoliates the skin residue, and new skin cells take place. This process lightens skin pigmentation. It also gets rid of the acne and pimples, which cause serious damage to the facial skin.

  Laser Resurfacing

It is considered very important and effective for skin pigmentation, acne and dark spots removal treatment.

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