Coviself-ICMR approves Home Testing Kit for COVID19

Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions, today has received approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for their newly developed Coviself-home testing kit for COVID19.

COVID home testing kit

What are the contents of the home testing kit

This is a Rapid Antigen Testing(RAT) kit that can give you results in 20 minutes. This “do it yourself” kit comes with an instruction manual, a pre-filled extraction tube, sterile nasal swab, test card, and bio-hazard bag. Before you begin the test you need to download the mylab-coviself app from appstore or from playstore depending on your device. Fill in your credentials to complete your pretest process.

How to Test

To begin the test, open the cap of pre-filled extraction, make sure the liquid in the tube settles at the bottom of the tube. Next is to take out the sterile nasal swab, pulling it from the tail end. Please ensure that you do not touch the front part of the nasal swab with your hand.

After pulling out the nasal swab, insert it into both of your nostrils one after the other. Insert 2-4 cm deep or until you meet the resistance. Roll the swab 5 times inside the nose to collect sufficient sample

Now dip the nasal swab into the prefilled tube. Pinch the pre-filled tube at the bottom and swirl the nasal swab 8-10 times into the pre-filled extraction tube. Immerse the swab completely into the liquid in the tube. Find the breaking point of the nasal swab, break it using the edge of the tube and tighten the cap.

Now it’s time to test the swab. Take out the test card and drop two drops of liquid from the pre-filled tube on it. Wait for 15 minutes for the result to appear. Any result coming after 20 minutes is invalid. The kit after 15 minutes will buzz the alarm. Click the image at this point and upload it in the mylab-coviself app. The AI of the app will start working and give you accurate results.

Covid 19 covishelf home testing kit

If you see in the test kit that a thin rusty red line appears up to quality control T, it means your result is negative and no coronavirus antigen has been detected. For positive results, both control and test lines will appear. All positive results are true positive and no need to repeat the test. Post the completion of your test, use the biohazard bag to dispose of all your testing stuff.

Go for the RT-PCR test in case of negative results as the kit misses out the antigen if the virus load is low.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay