Coronavirus COVID19 Precautions-while going out

Coronavirus COVID19 Precautions-while going out

Coronavirus COVID 19 precautions are essential for you to know. As we see some relaxation in lockdowns by the government and most of us have begun traveling back to the workplaces, it is preeminent that we take all necessary precautions while going out during the corona virus pandemic.

Covid-19 protection

Maintain Social Distancing

We all are slowly returning to usual activities and hence the danger of getting disease has increased manifold and therefore everyone needs to continue social distancing. This is an essential step to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As COVID-19 is contagious, you should try to avoid close contact with other people. A study suggests that a person infected from this novel coronavirus can spread it to 1.5-3.5 people. So keep a safe distance, at least 6 feet which is around 2 arms’ length from other people when you go out.

Avoid Crowded Public Places

The virus spreads rapidly when you come in contact with another person. This is why it is important to avoid visiting crowded places as much as possible. Maintaining a safe distance at such public places is quite difficult and that will put you at risk of catching coronavirus easily. This is a necessary step for Coronavirus COVID19 Precautions

Wash Your Hands Often

If you feel that you have touched any outer surface, do not forget to rub your hands with the soap and water for at least 20 seconds. And don’t touch your face, mouth or nose when you are out. Also, wash hands before going to the toilet, and before eating. You can use an alcohol-based sanitizer as well in case soap and water are not readily available. Make sure that the sanitizer contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Also, clean and disinfect the surfaces you touch.

Coronavirus COVID19 precautions

Carry Cleaning wipes and Tissues

Cleaning wipes are great to disinfect any areas you have already touched or you are about to touch. Use tissues when you cough or sneeze as it will not allow the droplets to fall on any surface. Avoid contact with high touch surfaces like lift buttons, door handles, etc. If you must touch them, consider using a tissue or a cloth to wipe.

Wear a well-fitting face mask

It is mandatory to wear a face mask when you go out, especially if it is not possible to maintain a recommended 6 feet distance from others. A mask stops the virus entering your body by blocking the droplets, which comes out when an infected person talks, coughs, sneezes or sings. And there is no need for N95 respirator, a cloth face covering can also prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to research published in Annals of Internal Medicine, several layers of cotton fabric can also block the aerosol contamination and droplets in the environment.

Avoid Non-Essential Travels 

Although the government has eased restrictions, try to make your trips to the pharmacy, grocery store or for outdoor exercise only if it is essential. People who have underlying medical conditions or who are at high risk for the complications of COVID-19 should avoid any long-distance travel.

All across the country, people are coming back to their normal life. Public transports are plying on the streets as usual. Cars are seen running back on the roads. Shopping malls are open, people are moving to eateries as well. However, easing in lockdown by the government does not mean that people can return to pre-pandemic normality. It just means that people will have more liberty to engage in economic and social activities, but they must have to adopt some preventive measures because with extra freedom comes risk as there will be more occasions when people get close to others. So, taking some preventive measures is necessary to avoid the infection.

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Author: Ahaana Sahay